Creating an entity

All entities depend on the object system which categorizes the entities based on their type.

  • Weapon (inherits _weapon)
    • All equipable items must inherit from the weapon type.
  • Food (inherits _food)
    • Used for food-type items.
  • Item (inherits _item)
    • The most basic entity type. It is meant to be used as a “none of the above” option.

Items and Food

Entities which derive from the Item and Food type must have the following node structure:

  • StaticBody (extends Item or Food)
    • CollisonShape
      • MeshInstance
    • etc

StaticBody must be the root node. Any and all custom parts of the entity must be contained within StaticBody. All nodes in the scene can be renamed.

To make an Item, you must first extend your StaticBody node.

extends Item