May 2022

Last month, we ended our devblog by thanking our donors. This month, we’d like to talk about how we’ve already reached 765$ in such a short amount of time. The entire development team has been extremely excited about this, and we’d like to thank once again everyone that has helped out so far. Our fundraiser was expected to go down by the end of this month, but we’ve decided to keep it open just a bit longer ❤️

We’re also extremely grateful for everyone who shows interest in our project and those who have supported us along the way.

The Liquidator (formerly Kleanup Krew)

New concepts

Two new roles have made it to ANEURISM IV…

The Banker
The Maniac
The Maniac suffers in a perpetual state of psychosis.

Entity system

One of the most fundamental parts of developing a game like ANEURISM IV is the entity system. From food to machines, the entity system is crucial to have a flexible framework for us to create new objects in a modular way. In order to test our new system, we decided for our first entity to be the Radio.

Item-type entities such as the Radio can be Grabbed (moved around), Eaten (ouch!), Stored (in your inventory), and Interacted with (choose your favourite radio station).

We’re still working on the grabbing mechanism, but here’s a little video which demonstrates what we managed to get done so far. Note that the animations are temporary and used only for testing purposes.

Interaction menu and grabbing system in action

Moreover, the entity system is designed to be very easy to use. Our goal is to give server operators the ability to customize the game by tweaking existing entities or by creating new ones with the assets we provide.


Here’s a neat little render of yet another new role: the Liquidator. Based on the Liquidators of the Chornobyl disaster, those of ANEURISM IV will serve as the main cleanup crew.

Humanoid animation system

The humanoid animation system remains a huge task. It may seem simple on the surface, but we learned that even the simplest-looking tasks can be a lot of work. Here’s a little preview of our first tests with a functional animation system.


The HUD finally got its big makeover. After lots of consideration, brainstorming, and scrapped ideas, we might have found our new favourite design.

For this HUD concept, we aimed to create something more organic and immersive. Our goal is for the UI in ANEURISM IV to feel as if it were an extension of your character, not a mere overlay. For this reason, the current HUD reacts in multiple ways to your character’s status.

The lower your health is, the faster your veins pulse. When you take damage, your screen blurs up and your status tubes deplete according to the amount of damage you take.

Here’s a little preview of the system in action.

Next up…

As you can tell by the last two devblogs, there isn’t much footage of the world or level design anymore. That’s because we’re focusing a lot on the building blocks of this game before bringing them together. Our current priorities are to finish the Entity system, Humanoid animation system, Weapon system, Inventory system, and Role system. From there, we will merge them all and get our first look at what the game will feel like for the end-user.

Moreover, networking proves to be a significant but exciting challenge. Thankfully, our cautious approach to development remains key and we can’t wait to share the upcoming results with you.

As always, we encourage you to join our Discord server. We love to talk to the community and look forward to any and all feedback or comments regarding this or previous devblogs!

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