April 2022

In exactly one month since our last blog post, we’ve made tons of progress on ANEURISM IV. Although the frequency of our posts in Discord has diminished, that’s only because we’ve kept ourselves quite busy.

We’ve been working on this game for a little over half a year now. A few missteps were made along the way, and a bit of time was lost here and there redoing parts of the game that we thought would’ve been complete. However, this is the process that allows us to better understand the tools we’re working on and to ensure that each little part of the game is well-coded, properly implemented, and to our liking.

Liquidator Concept Art

The original screenshots of the world dating back to September 2022 are now outdated as we’ve switched our workflow completely over from Qodot (Quake/Source-style level editor) to Blender. Our original player controller has been fully rewritten, our main menu has had a full makeover, and our old hud has been scrapped. So with all these changes, we’re sure the community is interested in knowing what exactly happened this month…

Player Controller

The decision to rebuild the player controller stemmed from the need to adapt the script for the multiplayer instance of the game. However, we decided to take it a step further and make a feature-proof, optimized, and modular player class that’ll hopefully allow us to expand upon it in the future without losing too much hair.

It’s not completely done yet, but we’re more satisfied with this iteration of it than the last one. The player controller has been written from scratch with an improved, cleaner and scalable codebase.

Some of the new features include a reusable stamina system, a fall damage system, and adjustable server settings (e.g. speed, height, jump, gravity, air acceleration, fall damage, and stamina configurations). Moreover, this controller will serve as a base to add more kinds of controllers. Here’s a video demonstrating a few of the new features (mind the debug hud!)


Here are a few renders of some of the characters you’ll find in ANEURISM IV.

Death Squad

Main Menu/Options

The menu has seen a complete redesign. It now features a real background and some nice fancy transition effects, sounds, and visuals. Along with it came a fully functional options menu that saves data locally.

The main menu revamp wouldn’t be complete without an escape menu. We took the liberty to use the same concept with a slight twist. Note that the hud in the video below is outdated and that the shooting-while-clicking bug will be fixed.


Work on the player controller came bundled with a dynamic crosshair (inspired by our good friends at Toxidroma). We plan to include a few variations of it and allow the user to select from an array of crosshairs from the options menu.

In addition, we created some visual effects for fall damage, and some new sounds to go along with it.

Lastly, first-person camera movement has been tweaked for a more dynamic, shaky, and overall aneurism-esque feel.

Weapon Animation System

The Weapon Animation System got a bit of work. The way recoil is applied to the player is now handled differently: the player’s head now bobs when the weapon recoils, and the weapon itself behaves more fluidly. Moreover, the weapon sways as the player moves their head in a much smoother way, and is pulled closer towards the player when faced with a wall.

Humanoid Animation System

Our lead modeller/animator has been hard at work to bring us the first version of our humanoid animation system. Here’s a little demonstration of the Death Squad.


We would like to thank everyone for their donations to the fundraiser. Your contributions have helped us enormously. An email announcing details about the rewards will be sent to the donators by the end of this month.

The fundraiser will end on July 1st, 2022, or perhaps even earlier should we reach our goal before the date. At that point, we will begin distributing the rewards to the generous donators.

We also want to give a special thanks to TheLibrarian and Amanita for promoting the fundraiser and for supporting our cause, as well as for being constant sources of inspiration for the game.

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